Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where have I been???

Well I definitely left you hanging with that last blog right......well my bad! LOL! All I was gonna say was I'm sick of relationships....but I am in too good of a mood to go on a rant, so that blog is somewhere in the universe.

First let me say, I forgot I even had a blog....LMAO! and I really don't know what else to talk about. hmmmmm. Well, I was dating a guy and we didn't work out. Long story short, I complained about him spending time with his ex girlfriend, and I mean ALOT of time, but his explanation was because they were close friends. ok, fine. nothing wrong with being friends with your ex, but Q.T. like that, like every other damn day, rubbed me the wrong way. So much so that everytime we argued was over her. Ugh. My insecurities and intuition couldn't handle it, so I left. As soon as I did guess what happened.....yeah. They hooked back up! Guess me being all crazy wasn't TOO far from the truth. I think the fact that he just wouldn't admit that I was on point the whole time is what really ticked me off.....but that's water under the bridge.

I work for a hair salon in Carytown. It's called Flirt.....I work with women like ten hours a day. They stress. Our cycles are about to sync which means all hell will break loose. The same time each month. For a week. UGGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!

School is about to start in like three weeks. I'm graduating in December which is a good reason to wanna go back, but I'm not in the mood to deal with VCU. So I figured. Hey! maybe I will become active on campus, so maybe I'll like it more. Doubt it, but it's worth a try.

ummmmm.......i met alot of new friends and they are great! Go check out my Twitter. You'll figure out who they are because I pretty much @ them all the time.

I got a new crush. But slow and steady wins the race, so I'm just letting it flow with him. If he knows who he is then, "Hey you, You're awesome!!!" ...my new fave <3

Anyway....IDK what else to talk about....ttyl!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I am wondering......

OK! So recently I just had a conversation with one of my close friends and the topic of discussion was NO surprise: MEN! Anyway what I am wondering is why do women refuse to see the red flags???? I will admit I have fallen victim. I was the one who was like, "Yeah, I know but.... He usually isn't like this......When it is the two of us he is......They just broke up and it wasn't that serious.......LOL!.." WHY!!!!!!!!! I don't want to say we are stupid, but uhhhhhh.....WE'RE BEING STUPID! Maya Angelou said it best, "When they show you their true colors, believe them!" Why don't we believe them??? This guy that my friend was dealing with was someone I knew back in the day and the things that he said to her was just UNFATHOMABLE! To think he had the audacity to talk to her in this manner...so I got to thinking was he talking to her this way because she allowed him to? They say a man will only do what you allow them to. And I can definitely attest to that from my last relationship. I went through nine months of verbal abuse and borderline physical and I knew what was up three months in. Anyway I'm just lost! that's all. Men let me know if I'm wrong......do you act this way because you know you can get away with it? Do you know what type of girl you are dealing with from jump even though we try are hardest to introduce to you a "representative" of us???

Now for the women who are hip to the game.......are we peggin men too quick??? Is assuming that the lines that the next guy use are too much like the last asshole's so they must be players poor judgment on out part???? Nothing is wrong with putting your guard up, but are we missing our prince charming this way??? This relationship crap is for the birds....which brings me to my next blog......

P.S. To my friend that is referenced in this blog: please don't take offense. if anyone knows where you are coming from you know I do...LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am a High School Gossiper!!!!!!

So just recently a friend of mine informed me that this girl has blamed me for a falling out that she had with this guy that she used to talk to. Here's the background story....

I saw this girl around my school, so I stopped to chat with her. She asked me what I was doing for spring break, and to be nice I asked her in return. Her answer to what she was going to do for spring break had me WEAK! I mean REAL WEAK. I decided to share this with my friends. Not because I want to spread her business because as far as I am concerned SHE IS BORING! It was for pure entertainment. Well I told my best guy friend and instead of laughing, like everyone else did, he gasped. He asked me if he could use the information I gave him and I said I don't care. *sidebar* I didn't care because I am SO FAR REMOVED from this chick and her personal life! Anyways, my best guy friend thought that his cousin should know because apparently his cousin and this girl were about to "go steady". I didn't know that because like I stated earlier, I am FAR REMOVED!!!!!

SO! that leads me to the present.They had a falling out based on the information I told my best guy friend and now I am known as THE HIGH SCHOOL GOSSIPER! you got it people. that's me. I find out information about people I DON'T CARE ABOUT and then I go back and SABOTAGE their life. because mine SUCKS ASS!!!! I love being invested in BORING people!

Bottom line: she blames me because she got caught! So to you: stop being sneaky! and if I were you. I would stick with homeboy because trying to stick with your ex....well...not so much!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Being in your feelings....

Does anyone know exactly what this statement means??? "Being in your feelings"....... Being in your feelings is when someone touches your soul SO MUCH SO that is rocks you. Whether its love, anger, lust, or hate. Now this certain person, a HIM, seems to think he has me in MY feelings. After the way I was treated by him there is NO WAY he can have me in MY feelings......
SO sir. I'd like to tell you....YOU DON'T HAVE IT LIKE THAT ANYMORE!!!! you did about a month ago, but not anymore. I have returned to Earth (because I was definitely in a LaLa Land with you) and I can see clearly now. GOT IT??? Like I told you earlier....if you somehow wake up one day and become this wonderful man, then OH HELL YES you'll have me in my feelings! REAL PROPER LIKE! but you haven't changed, you aren't going to change, and you don't WANT to change. I mean just a couple hours ago you told me I had to DEAL with it. Imagine me! Dealing with that. OH no sir! Like you informed me earlier, SHE can deal with it! [end scene]

P.S. Still love you though. just get on with that little kid stuff. you about to do some grown man stuff in the next couple of months. get with it kid. really.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Opportunist

I have a friend that I just recently found out was an Opportunist. And it never occurred to me before because unbeknown to me I was a pawn in his game of opportunity. Here I was thinking that were are BFF and he would look out for me, but behind me back he is tearing apart my "friendships" with other people and other relationships. It's a trip, I tell you, what people will go through to hold other people down because they are miserable and unhappy with their lives. I'm done for now.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


My head hurts right now so this post won't be that intricate. Sorry. The Emancipation of T.C. was me FINALLY getting my freedom meaning......i GOT A CAR...no more not being able to go where I want.... guess what tho??? it wasn't the car that is posted below...i got a 1999 black rodeo! His name is Stanford and he is the new love of my life....
Skyy lounge DID not pop off.....we got there...saw the little hellians in the line and turned RIGHT around.
I did go to Tobacco Company tho.....it was very interesting....I saw Whitney Houston there too....details on that tomorrow when I write a new post in class....LOL!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 3, 2009 and Sky Lounge

Tomorrow, April 3, 2009, marks the "Emancipation of T.C." It's been a long time coming, but finally I will be free..... details tomorrow....lol....I'm going to Skyy Lounge tonight for the first time ever. you WILL hear from me tonight. so stay up for that.